Monday, October 19, 2009

Breindel has helped me with a problem I was facing. t was a seemingly impossible problem that I had sought the help of many for. I must confess her advice was by far the best I was ever given (and my husband and I had seen a therapist about this issue).

She not only relayed her advice to me but she gave reasoning for why she advised what she did ( something that helped me follow the advice she gave). I would completely reccomend her services to any one with any type of relationship problem.

Breindel is well educated about relationship resources out there that would benefit couples (i.e books, websites, ect.). Her scope of expertise seems to be broad and all encompassing.

She has an excellent grasp on the inner workings of human relationships. She is a genuinely caring individual that I have seen help numerous people out with their relationship problems.

I fully support her in her relationship consulting business and would reccomend her to anyone of my friends and family. I would whole-heartedly urge anyone with a relationship dilemma to seek help from Breindel

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